Support for Young Artists

In 2015 and 2016, the Auckland Opera Forum continued its tradition of supporting emerging young opera artists by hosting concerts for three prizewnning performers.

Following the 2015 concert, we received this letter from one of the performers, Chelsea Dolman:

Dear Auckland Opera Forum,

Thank you so much for having me to sing at your most recent concert. It was so lovely to have a chance to perform with two very charming and talented young men, a wonderfully accomplished pianist [Robert Wiremu], and all to such a knowledgable and appreciative audience. I would also like to thank you for all the encouragement I received after the concert. As Helen mentioned, I am soon off for an eight week Audition tour of Europe so I really appreciated, not only the opportunity to perform some of the repertoire I will be taking with me but also the incredibly supportive feedback. As I'm sure you all know, every performance for a young singer is a chance to develop, a chance to try something new - so thank you!

After the concert it was suggested to me by a few of you that I should set up a 'Give a Little' page to add to my fundraising efforts. I'm happy to say that after a week of admin and emails I now officially have a page which can be found here: Although the trip is costing me around $13,500 I have set the target for this page for $3000 as I am hoping to raise the rest through my full time job at the Founders Theatre, competition winnings and fundraising concerts. Every little bit counts at this stage and each contribution gets me one step closer to getting over there and showing them what I've got.

Also, just in case any of you venture South from time to time, you might also like to know about my benefit concert coming up at the Great Lake Centre in Taupo on Sunday 15th November at 2pm. This will be an afternoon filled with not only Art Song, Lied and Opera but also a few musical theatre and jazzy numbers with the locally renowned Jazz band, 'Hot Tub'. It should be a fun afternoon if you're down that way! Keep an eye out for more information about tickets later this week.

If you have any questions about my Audition Tour or would like to keep in touch please feel free to email me at or follow my Facebook page here:

I wish you all a wonderful close to the year and I hope to perform for you all again soon.

Kindest Regards,

Chelsea Dolman