Tuesday September 10th, 7:30 p.m.


An opera in three acts

by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)

Libretto by Salvadore Cammarano
after the novel The Bride of Lammermoor by Sir Walter Scott

Premiered on 26 September 1835 at the Teatro di San Carlo, Naples


Lucia Ashton, Lord Ashton’s sister

Edgardo Ravenswood

Lord Enrico Ashton

Lord Arturo Bucklaw, a diplomat

Raimondo Bidebent, a priest

Alisa, Lucia’s nurse

Normanno, huntsman

Diana Damrau, soprano

Charles Castronovo, tenor

Ludoviv Tézier, baritone

Taylor Stayton, tenor

Kwanchui Youn, bass

Rachael Lloyd, mezzo-soprano

Peter Hoare, tenor


A 2016 production from Covent Garden, London

Direction by Katie Mitchell

Set and Costume Design by Vicki Mortimer

Lighting Design by John Clark

The Royal Opera Chorus and Orchestra

Conducted by Daniel Oren


Act One
Scene 1   The Forest of Ravenswood
In the grounds of Ravenswood Castle, Normanno and his followers search for a mysterious trespasser. Enrico suspects that this person is none other than Edgardo, risking his life to woo Lucia.
Enrico rages at Lucia’s refusal to marry Arturo, and swears vengeance on the lovers.
Scene 2   The Fountain
At a ruined fountain Lucia awaits Edgardo, and tells her confidant, Alisa, of the maiden’s ghost which haunts the fountain, and which has prophesied a tragic end to her love for Edgardo.
Although Alisa implores her to take care, Lucia cannot restrain her love.
Edgardo arrives and explains that he must go to France on a political mission.
The lovers exchange rings and bid each other an impassioned farewell.

Act Two
Scene 1   The Marriage Contract
In an anteroom of the castle, Enrico confronts Lucia with a forged letter, supposedly from Edgardo, proving him pledged to another woman.
Crushed, Lucia longs for death, and Enrico insists that her marriage to Arturo take place as soon as possible. Raimondo comforts Lucia, but asks that she respect the desperate family situation.
Scene 2   The Signing
In the great hall of Ravenswood the guests hail the impending union of two important families, and Arturo pledges to restore Enrico’s prestige.
As soon as Lucia has been forced to sign the marriage contract Edgardo bursts into the hall.
Seeing Lucia’s signature on the contract he believes her to be unfaithful, and after returning her ring, and demanding his own, he curses her and rushes from the hall. Lucia collapses.

Act Three
Scene 1   Wolf’s Crag
In a ruined tower of Wolf’s Glen later in the same evening, during a violent storm, Edgardo is confronted by Enrico, who tells him that Lucia has already gone to her bridal couch. The two men challenge each other to a duel, to take place at the break of day.
Scene 2   The Feast
In the great hall the wedding festivities are halted when Raimondo enters to announce that Lucia has gone mad and stabbed and killed Arturo.
Dishevelled and unaware of what she has done, Lucia wanders in, recalling her meetings with Edgardo at the fountain and imagining her wedding to him.
Enrico rushes in only to be silenced by the sight of his sister’s pitiful condition.
Believing herself to be in heaven, Lucia collapses dying.
Scene 3   The Tombs at Ravenswood
Among the tombs of his ancestors, Edgardo laments Lucia’s supposed infidelity. While waiting for Enrico, he anticipates an end to his own life, which is empty and miserable without his beloved.
Guests leaving Ravenswood Castle pass by and tell Edgardo that Lucia has been calling his name. As Edgardo is about to rush to her side, a funeral bell is heard and Raimondo arrives to confirm Lucia’s death. Resolving to join Lucia in heaven, Edgardo stabs himself and dies.